Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pijama party

So here we are at Stevana's place...watching some stupid horor movie.I don't like horors.They are ugly and stupid.And scary.I don't like scary things.I know,I'm a coward.But that's just how I am.So I decided to write something here while they are watching.We had lots of fun today.We made pizza,took some photos,listened to music and recorded ourself while joking around.Tomorrow we'll make pancakes :D With Plazma and Nutela ^___^ Yesterday Katty and I went to some small punk concert that our friends made.It was nice.Their band is called Antirost.Here's their video:
They are cool :) We took some photos,but they are not very good.Our little camera is not made for taking pictures in places like that.It's too slow -.-
They have some pretty cool mirror there,right?The whole toilet is awesome!They sticked around some great things,photos of some famous painters works.
This is Dacha,the singer of Antirost.He's cool!Unfortunately,that picture is blurry :(

The guy on the right is Djole and he is the guitarist in Antirost.He's very cool too!On the left is our friend Ilija (I hope he won't mind me mentioning his name here XD)
And for the end,here's a picture of our bag ^^ We love it so much!It's actually our grandmothers,but she gave it to us to use it... Oh,and just to mention-they are watching some other stupid horor now -.- I can't wait for them to finish.It's about some boy that's really creepy,and there's a lot of screaming and sounds of door shutting.Only horor movie that i liked is The orphan.That one's really good! Bye bye now...I'm really happy that I could write something long and with pictures again ^^

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