Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sleepover day 2 :D

We made pancakes that morning!Ok,it wasn't really morning,it was around 2 pm XD We didn't really sleep for a long time.Someone would wake us up every 2 hours.The phone rang all the time....So,we got up,made beds,cleaned everything up and than ate.We made a lot of pancakes and ended up eating only a small part of them XD Damn!And they were so yummy! Then we drank coffee and talked.It was really relaxing.I love sitting around in good company and just chilling.I have no idea what to write about.It's just that we didn't do many things..and we didn't take many pictures!Can you imagine that?? We were too busy talking and making food :'D Oh yeah!I got 467th place on rang list for university!It's not bad :3 I hope I will be able study Japanese...I will find out in few days.On July 6th to be precise.Wish me luck!
These are some photos from the first night
Crazy people!
Unfortunately I can't put any other pictures because I don't have them...And i wouldn't be able to post them anyway from this old laptop.I hate when I can't write normal post....Hope to write soon!See ya!Or something like that....XD

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