Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Our dear friend Alex came to our town today do buy some shoes. I found them for her because she couldn't . She fell in love with them instantly and bought them of course. (black ones)
She brought KINDER chocolate <3 and we love her even more because of that !
After she finished shopping,it was time to go to Chinese mall to see if they got anything new. It ended with buying some plastic pearls. It just looked so good in combination with BB cream package that we had to take a picture of them together.
Alex wanted to buy us a drink,so we sat at the caffe in which our very good friend works. That lemonade was awesome! Alex has a need to put about 3 bags of sugar in it,so I felt sick while she was putting them in. I drink it without sugar,so it's really gross for me to see sugar while drinking.
Today was amazing! Alex stayed really short,but we talked all the time. As we went to school together (not same year...) we had so much to talk about! She is on finishing year and I finished it already. I miss the school. Really much. But I'll get over it.Somehow. :)
Tomorrow will be a long day,so we're going to sleep early. Hope we will dream about something nice :)

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