Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last few days....:P

On 13th January Milan called us...He just got back from Paris(went there with his modeling agency) and asked us if we want to hang out tomorrow night.So we called Hannie and met up.Milan was 20 mins late,and Hannie 1:30 h -.-''''' We were pretty much pissed off.But then when they finally came it was all good XD We went to some cafe,drank hot chocolate ^^

It was really cold and we already walked for quite some time before that,so we decided to go to Hannie's place.We had lots of fun XD Played some games,chased each other around.Ordered pizza :D (yup,pizza again :P ).

We watched this:

It's just amazing!So many beautiful people! *________*

We came back at 6:30 am X'D And I slept for only 5 hours T_T I was so tired next day >.<

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