Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hannie in Pancevo again :D

MOST IMPORTANT THING RIGHT NOW!Hannie got us tickets for LM.C concert in Budapest in May! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 happpyyyyy!!! ^__^

So,Hannie came to Panchevo again :) We sat in that pizzeria from before and ate bruschetti ( AGAIN ) And then Sophie came to join us. After that we went to second hand shop to look for some things for cosplay. As we expected,those were there,so we bought them :) We can't tell you how does it look like,but it costed about 3,5 euro each... (400 dinars)...A jacket and pants (each 400 din) :) Absolutely amazing and that jacket is,like,totally new ! :D We mat Ninna after,so we went back to our house,because my stomach hurt -.-'' And ,ofc,we talked crap and had some weird conversations with our mom. Also,I tried out some silk colors I bought for school assignment... They are amazing!

And this was few WEEKS ago! :D
This was 2 weeks ago,we just vent to drink coffee and walk ^___^

When Nina and I went to Belgrade(few days before New Year),we saw this:

Looks yummy,right? X'D It was very tiring day....we walked for so many hours...
We went to some mall,and instead of entering FEMALE toilette ,we entered MALE X'D And we didn't even know until we went out...and we weren't only ones XD

And this was on a very cold day T_T I waited for Nina to finish skating on ice for an hour and a half....I was freezing to death -.-'''

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