Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eh...no title :P

Time passes really fast lately !When I look back it looks like it was a week or a month ago when we went to Girugamesh concert,or Orochi....or Despairs'Ray or Guild.It has already been a year or more from all of that!And soon it's time to go to LM.C :D It's so close now!Can't wait!

Ok,what I actually wanted to write is this last Saturday.We went to a club with alllll of our friends! :D Yay!Ok,not all of them,Hannie didn't come :( But we went to her place before going out...We all gathered at square.

Went to buy some drinks before 10pm (they don't sell alcohol after 10 anymore) and then just chilled until everyone came.Then we headed out to the hill near the club.Greg was such a sweetie to carry my bag for me (it was really heavy and I was on heels T_T) <3 We spent some time on the hill,sitting on the grass,taking pictures and just having fun.

Then we went in.There wasn't a lot of people inside yet,so we just occupied one big sofa/bed whatever.

It was Lady Gaga's night,so music was good.
It was so hot dancing in that red dress that i wore!Actually,Katty and I didn't really plan going to the club,so weren't dressed properly.We were overdressed XD
It was very lively when people gathered and started dancing.Especially when Judas-Lady Gaga and We found love-Rihanna started.Everyone jumped around,singing.
Well,there were some problems later on,but I'm not going to write about that -.-''
Afterparty picture:

Oh,well,not so scary,right? XD

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