Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth day :)

As you probably already know,yesterday was Earth day.We went to Belgrade to meet Milan and happened to be there when the meeting started.But I'm gonna start from the beggining.
We met Milan around 4:30 pm and went for a walk.The weather was great(a little windy, but it was ok).Katty tried on some dresses in Quiz and some other shop.They were pretty nice,especially the dark green one.It fitted perfectly!But it was really expensive(around 170 euros!)...
This one looks very cute and it's not too expensive :3

We walked till 7:30 and then Milan went to meet his other friend.

We went back to square,and then saw bunch of people.So we ofc went to see what it's all about,and found out it was about Earth day.There was some kind of non-profit drum concert.It was cool!Really loud!Some kids danced in the first raw :) At some point the rain started -.- But no one really paid any attention :D

After that we met again with Milan.It was raining so we sat in some caffe.We oredered ice moka.I looove that coffee!It's the best!

We came back home around 11:30....
Hope you'll enjoy this post!
Oh,and we don't have internet right now,so I have no idea when we will be able to write next time....Bye~

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