Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take pictures in AAALLLL places!

Natalia <3 Like a sir-troll :D

So we slept at Milan's place. :D After waking up we felt like doing nothing because we were so tired from the party the night before.But we decided to go out after all.The weather was great so we wanted to use it.We took camera with us,of course!Milan called Natalia to come with us :) We met at square and went to buy some coffee.

Golden man

Then we started walking.It was Vrbica day (it's like pre Easter day/holiday) so almost everyone was wearing willow wreaths on their heads.We went to church to get it too.Some really nice granny gave me and my sister those for free! :3

We continued walking and ended up on some stairs and than next to railway.We took many pictures as we saw every single place as good for taking pictures...Some guys that worked on that railway laid on grass and watched us.We had audience!They were so funny as they sang and commented us.They weren't mean,just interested. XD

After that we walked down the river side.We had headache...That was the only bad thing at the moment.

The Kalemegdan fortress was just near us,so we continued walking towards it. Some truck and car drivers constantly honked as we were standing near the road and were taking pics. We climbed on some gate. Sophie didn't want to do that as she is afraid of heights. Katty laid down on the gate,because of the headache and didn't want to come down XD

As the headache got worse,Katty laid down on some wall when we got up on that fortress. Milan and Natalia went to get some water and salty food. We talked and after some time Katty had to go home,so our dad came to pick her up. Milan,Natalia and Sophie continued walking around the city,went to Milan's place to get the photos on the flesh memory,and then Sophie ran to the bus station IN HEELS.

The great ending is that Sophie managed to catch the bus on time. IN HEELS.

P.S. other pics will be posted tomorrow :3 there's too many of them!

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