Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's go!

Milan came to our place on Sunday :) Natalia was supposed to come as well but she got sick...So he came alone.I drove to the city center!And I parked my car well!Haha I was so excited!I usually don't like to drive,especially in the city. So we met Milan at the station and went to the park.Weather was really nice so we took a lot of pictures and walked for few hours.It wasn't really sunny,which was good :P But pictures look better in when it finally got through the clouds we ran to take pictures.It was fun! Last few days it's raining constantly...It's so boring.I don't like that much rain!You can't do anything...Two days ago I got soaked on my way home...It just started pouring like crazy!And I saw lightning few meters from me.It scared the hell out of me. Anyways, when we finished walking we went to a cafe.Our friend was working so we ordered "Plazma shake".Best ever!It was big and delicious!If you don't know what "plazma" is,it some kind of cookies that we here really like to eat.I wouldn't change it for anything...This is Plazma:
And this is Plazma shake:
This is my favorite photo:
Katty looks so much like our mother in that photo! ^^

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