Sunday, April 29, 2012

Collecting stuff!

So hot today!It's like summer!But we got up this morning and woke dad up to go to...It's like open market place where they sell lots of used,old stuff.It's cool we love to go there!You can find great things like really old books or jewelry ,perfume bottles,tea cups...Anything!We used to go there with dad all the time when we were younger.We were always searching for post marks.We have A LOT of those. So today we bought few things.Unplanned.Haha well we just had to.We don't have pictures right now,but I'll write down what we bought: 6 porcelain coffee cups with plates *each was 10 cents!
6 books :Choix de lectures-A.Mironneau-Librarie Armand Colin(year 1920.), La Fontaine-Fables (1910.),Brevier-Der guten gesellschaft-Otto SpamerLeipzog(1900. it has some Gothic font and some really cool graphics),French language grammar in Serbian language(1907)*we found some contact card,pressed flower and note in it :3*,Histoire de France-E.Lavisse-librairie Armand Colin(1924.),Dramski spisi-Jovan Sterija Popovic(1902.).
Nina Ricci-Eau de Fleurs perfume *_______* *not used for 2 euros!!!*
And a metal box used for some English cookies,it's pretty,it has some carousel on it .It's not in a very good shape but..this is how it looked like long ago:
We came back home really tired.But it was nice going there again! We'll put pictures tomorrow I hope.See ya!

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