Friday, March 23, 2012


Dad gave us some chocolates today :D The are called "Delirium" by Nestle.YUMMY!They are awesome!Really tasty!

Yesterday I went out with some friends.Katty stayed home,wasn't in the mood.We went to some pub,it was karaoke night.There weren't a lot of people but it was very lively ^^ Everyone sang and had fun.We spent two and a half hours there XD After that we went for a walk.Weather was great,and it felt as if there was more than 10 C.I like to go out with Aki and her boyfriend.They are fun ^^

Unfortunately I didn't take pics of my outfit :( I had ripped leggings,high-waisted shorts,white blouse and purple blazer ^^ And heels ;3
So...that's it for today :P Bye bye~

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