Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ok,since i really,really like pin-up style,I wanted to find some nice online shop ^^ And I did!!!!I found this amazing shop that has beautiful dresses!They even have swimwear! *___________________________* But they are a little pricey T_T Although they do have sizes ^^

They also have shoes,bags and accessories...

I want this swimsuit :

Isn't it lovely??? *_*
And I think this one would be perfect for Katty:

I have this problem...I just CAN'T decide which style I wanna be...It annoys me...I like so many different styles that it's crazy!At the same time I would like to be pin-up,gyaru,oshare kei,visual kei...lolita!So I end up mixing a bit of everything! :D Haha works for me! :P
She's really cute,right?

Actually some pin up dressed are similar to lolita!Like this one:

First two are (as u can see) pin up,and third one is loli ^^ Adorable!

OMG i just found this!!!!!

Absolutely lovely!!Although really pricey T_T
This is from that site:

Ok,so it's enough for today XD Hope u like it!Bye bye~

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