Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of the month!

So sorry for not writing!We kind of didn't have time....We went to many places and had fun ^_^ The weather was mostly nice,last few days it was pretty warm(-2 to 6 degrees) and then yesterday SNOW fell -.- Out of nowhere O_O But it's already gone XD So everything is gooood~
Anyways,I'm gonna post pictures from last few days...
First,on 16.2. we went out with Aki and Sandra.They are childhood friends ^_^ It was girls night out :D We had fun,did karaoke X'D Drank cooked wine ^_____^ It was delicious!Later on we went for a walk...Had fun in snow X'D

Then on 18th our friend Maya had b-day party!We went to the club called "Barock" .Good place,enough space for dancing :D There was 14 of us.We first went to buy drinks.Ended up with 2 Keglevich vodkas (one with taste and one normal),Sangria,Somersby,chocolate liquor ,orange juice and Schweppes tonic X'DDDD And it was allll goooneee in about hour or so XD But we didn't get drunk.Well most of us X'DDD

After that we went to club.It took us 15 mins to get there coz some girls were on high heels XD And the street goes down...There we drank cocktails,danced,took lots of photos...It was fun!

;D We even went for a walk after that!Actually we had to find some food X'D We were all hungry :Q It was a great night!
Oh yeah!George made my hair X'D It looked really crazy and i like it very much!

On 25th February there was anti ACTA protest.It started at 2 o'clock.There was a lot of people.I'm really glad...Deanna,Nina and Maya were there as well.Milan came later on.When protest finished we went for a walk since it was lovely day ^_^ We went to Kalemegdan.Took some pictures :D Our friend Kiki from London was in Belgrade as well so we told her to come meet us.In meantime Deana and Nina went home.Us 5 went to some cafe/restaurant.Nice place,lots of ppl :]

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