Friday, February 10, 2012

Madonna party :)


At the evening of last Saturday we went to club named "The Apartment"... Madonna night was planned so dancing group ULTIMATE DANCE had a performance. They were really nice to watch. Some very drunk girl was jumping on them the whole time,screaming and touching Borivoje's stomach xD It was really amusing. Music was great whole time,except for a few songs that were really boring and LONG! -.-
After we danced the night out,we agreed to go "home" . Instead of home (because we didn't have any buses at 3 am) we went to Hannie's mom's working place and stayed the whole night,as we always do.Before we arrived,food was bought xD About a half of concrete things was left in refrigerator ^^ Nikola was with us,I forgot to say xD Sorry Niki <3
Anyway,we had great time as we always have. Well,almost always ^_^ When we arrived at Panchevo later,we had much to see XD The snow was in piles around streets,like mountains :D We had to jump over them... Also,everything was glittery shiny *____* Yeah,it was VERY cold,but the whole sight was amazing! :DDD
Here are some pics from tha club/before/after... ~

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