Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sewing evening xD

This evening I planned to read a book for school,but I ended up sewing a skirt :'D
It was pretty much brain relaxation for me.. I was just thoughtless when sewing it.. I did everything good and then the zipper fucked it up. I was sooo pissed off. It just cracked open.That thing you pull to open/close,it fell off and didn't want to go back at its place. So I had to improvise xD (I didn't want to leave it for tomorrow or some other day,when I do something like this it must be done right away :'D) So I've put some lacing on the back side...where that zipper should have been.It turned out pretty good,except it is not finished yet. Base is done,but it just can't be that plain,right? :P
I'll take a photo of it on myself tomorrow,because I'm too lazy to change right now ^_^

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