Saturday, February 18, 2012

oops xD

We didn't post for few days...
On 11th of February we went to see Hannie. As always,we were at working place,because we are too loud for her home :'D There were also some other people. Marina and Igor from Novi Sad and Bojan. After some traveling problems,we came at least. Later that evening we agreed to get some food. As always,they wanted to get delivery guy,but Bojan and I suggested to go by foot. We ordered and slowly went to get it. Of course,we came there too early,but we had something interesting to see!! THE CUTEST CAT IN THE WORLD!!! I can't believe how that cat is friendly! She is ADORABLE! Sat like a bunny,looked at us like she begs for a hug :3333 Omg she cuddled with us the whole time :333 absolutely amazing! Her eyes are sooo big! *_*
Anyways,Bojan didn't let me carry pizzas in my hands,so I just HAD to give them to him.
"He can't stand seeing a girl carry things that he can" -sweet :3
When we arrived I was supposed to bring a chair from other room,but i was stopped!
"No! I will do it." -he yelled xD
I'm not used to hearing these from men. Usually they are like "oh do everything by yourself,I don't care." not only to me,but they are like that to every girl. It is really lame.
Filling our stomachs felt good,but we figured that we ate too much after we finished xD
Whole night went pretty good and then shit happens. Ofc.
We couldn't lock the door,tried to lock them and then were unable to open them,at all. About an hour we tried to unblock damn door and couldn't do it. At the very end Milan succeeded to take the key out and somehow open the door. But then Hannie's mom gave us instructions to open other door,which was an unfinished instruction. Alarm was on. I just opened other door and it just begun ringing. We didn't know what to do. In panic,we tried to explain to Hannie's mom what happened and she gave us the code to stop it. Phone started ringing and security was calling. After a few explanations,it was all good. But that chaos was unbelievable! Only Hannie,Marina and Igor were calm,while we were almost ripping our hair out. A friend of her mom came so we can solve locking problem,but she couldn't do it as well. At the very end a neighbor came and gave us some help. He said that we just need to put some oil in that locker and it will be all right. So it wasn't our fault from the beginning,at all :'D
The rest of the evening went pretty good,with a few serious talks between Hannie,Milan and us.. Friend's issues :'D But nothing big ^______^
Around 5 am we went to the station to wait for a bus and went home ^_______^
While we were walking back home we jumped over snow MOUNTAINS and played ballerina :'D hahaha :D