Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starting a business soon!

We are getting ready to start our clothing "line"! Slowly gathering information and collecting money :) It will be,probably,fully realized in February or so~ We can't get fabric before February,so we are unable to sew.. (we can,but with simple fabrics,which is boring..) This country doesn't have any conditions for success if you don't have some links outside of it. It really sucks.. Yeah,we can get fabrics only by our friend who lives in England.. Because shipping to Serbia is 44 GBP !! That is absolutely insane!! We would have to set some enormous prices for our clothing,and we don't want that.. Also,because of variety in sizes,there will be pieces from 60 cm waist to 85-90,so no one will be disappointed :)
We are struggling with this very much,because of money lack,but we will succeed! :D
We have faith! :D


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