Monday, November 14, 2011

At friends house :)

You already know that we went to Belgrade at Saturday.And that Katty got drank XD We stayed at Hannie's place that night.Katty went straight to bed,but Hannie and I were hungry so we decided to make a quick dinner/breakfast(it was 3:30 am XD).We made rice with Kari,Soy sauce and some other spices.Hannie chop some meat and mixed it with spices and cooked corn beans.We mixed all that and added pieces of fresh tomato :D it was really tasty! The next morning(or should we say afternoon? ) we ate and then just chilled.Soon Katty went home,because she had some work to do,and I stayed at Hannie's.We watched anime "Yami no matsuei" (it's great!) till 2 am XD So i stayed another night...And this morning we watched anime again,and ate sweets....It was really nice ^_____^

Before we mixed everything:


Done! XD

Yummmmyyy sweets!!!Rafaelo balls are really tasteful!

And this is just random XD I LOVE this Candy Doll blush!(but unfortunately,it's not mine,it's Hannie's XD)

You can find it here:

Bye bye~

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