Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't ever drink vodka on an empty stomach!!

I drunk vodka yesterday on an empty stomach and i got really drunk for the first time in my life. (i only drunk about 2 shots)
I felt sooo strange! Everything was twisting around me,everything seemed like in some weird dream in which i am flying around and hitting walls. I felt dizzy and couldn't hold things or myself on legs. After awhile i had to lay down. They brought me sparkling water,food, yogurt.. Everything that should be of some help,but it wasn't... I didn't throw up (because i usually don't,whatever the situation is) and it made it worse,because i couldn't get it out of my stomach.
For the situation to be worse,i was sad and really tired. All the things that bothered me before i drunk gathered to make it really bad. And it broke me down. I had missed more than a half of the b-day and i slept for about an hour (at least they told me i did)...
So,the point is: DO NOT GET DRUNK!!! -.-

love,Katty Ankoku

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