Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painting the walls...again XD

We'we been painting walls in our living room today.We have to finish it tomorrow,before school starts for real.Walls will be gray,so we are planning on putting some interesting pictures on them to lighten them up ;)
Anyway,what we wanted to write about are last 3 days.We had so much fun!

First,we went to see Hannie.We walked for few hours,drank coffee,looked around.It was really relaxing.We also drank some fresh juice with grapefruit,it was so bitter :O But somehow,it was very refreshing.I stayed at Hannies place that night,and Katty had to come home,she had school the next day.

Haha this looks so weird XD
That coffee....mmmm yummy!
I saw this in the morning on the square:

Lovely!I really like flowers.I always wanted a big garden...
I'm gonna stop here.I will write the rest tomorrow.I'm too sleepy for that now.Bye bye!

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