Monday, October 22, 2012

Night out and night in~

On Friday night N. and I went to Underworld (a club for "goth" people.). Sophie wasn't in the mood so we went there alone. N. called her friend to come along,so we waited for her there. It was really boring until midnight,but then every one came! It was a wave of black color in the read light. So funny. Minutes after it was a full place. While bored,some cool and scary photos were made!
Thank God there were candles on tables. Creepy,right?

Music was great whole time. We had a few incidents with some people and a few sincere laughs at some people too,but it was a great night after all!
N. wore her lenses for the first time,so her picture is quite.. Disturbing :D  But mine is even more disturbing than her because of my tired eye circles.
One guy (stuff) entered toilet with a bang while we were in it and kicked me with the door on my foot and arm. I wanted to slap him and step on his toes. He said sorry. And after half an hours he did the same. We were given a shot (drink) as an apology,but after he made another mistake. I wanted to enter the toilet and when I came to the door he just ran into it and closed them before me. BITCH :) The other barman and I started laughing and didn't believe our eyes.

On Saturday evening we went to Milan's place for a sleepover with Hannie and Natalia who came later. ON our way there we stopped by "Burrito bar" to take food that we ordered. I ran there with my big bag because I forgot to leave it in the cab and realized that it was a big mistake.  One big plastic bag full of food was waiting for me. And I had to run back with both. We came and hour late,but it was ok :)
Trough the night we laughed and talked. After some time we came to an idea of watching our old photos. It was a disaster. I (Katty) was double sized then. I didn't realize it at the time. It was a period when I had to take some steroids for my health and they ruined my body...
Natalia came later. She was really hyper and talked 300km/h xD
But we like to listen to her. Always has some interesting thoughts and ideas.
The FOOD! It was absolutely delicious! That tortilla chips is YUMMY! And the meat! So tasty! I want to eat there again.  We had chicken,pork,mushrooms,salad,beans,tortillas,nachos.. and all different kinds of sauces. Milan,of course,didn't even want to try any of it,so he ate chicken and tortilla.ALONE. Only with pavlaka (it is something like... sour sauce?)
Anyway,it was a BIG mistake.
And the cakes! Absolutely yummy. We had chocolate bomb,cheese cake and 'ice cube'. *__*

After a long night,we came back home at morning because we had some obligations there. Studying and drawing. -___-''

Later the other day,after sleeping only 4-5 hours,some of our friends from town came by unannounced. But we were glad. Iliya tried some of our clothes for Halloween. We made him wear a skirt! And heels! (15 cm :3) and he nearly fell,but luckily I was there to hold his hand XD
He also tried our Demonia boots and he liked it! Ofc. They are unisex anyway,and he is a punker...  He decided to go in them and some PVC leggings and "goth" blazer that we decorated. Good advertisement!
We will probably go to Halloween in a ...well... you will see :) It's a group mask,anyway. Probably.

MY ISTAGRAM IS KILLING ME! Jesus. It laggs all the freakin' time! Shows one picture every time i try to post something. DAMN THING!

Oh yeah. At Milan's we put on some facial mask. Everything was cool for the two of us,but Hannie didn't react well. I guess her skin was too dry or something... Anyway,get well soon <3 p="p">

And our computer is making weird noises.

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