Thursday, October 4, 2012

Days of robotics in Belgrade

At Saturday we went to Belgrade again to meet with Milan.We walked for a while,sat at Kalemegdan fortress.Weather was really hot,like in the middle of the summer.A warm wind was blowing so it was really nice to just sit and watch the city from a high place.

In the main promenade there was this big balloon in the shape of a robot.So we wanted to see what's going on.We went in and saw robots.There were small ones that look like bugs and spiders.They are very interesting :) 

There was one small robot that can speak and walk and do lots of other stuff. We didn't get a chance to see it very well coz it was really crowded around it.So I just took some photos from afar.

There also were some small robots that recycle paper in the front of the gallery.They are so cute!They say something like "Recycling is not embarrassment" and "Thank you" and then you get little paper with thank you on it :333

There was also this computer that can tell how old you are,what mood are you in,what's you gender...It said that I'm 18 yrs old (+/- 7),Katty is 20 (+/- 5) and Milan is 12 (+/- 4) :'D hahahahah 

After that we went to see Hannie.We didn't see her for quite some time,so it was nice talking to her.We decided to walk back to Milan's place.It took us 2 hours to do that!We were so tired afterwards....But we just couldn't let ourselves go to sleep at 2 am ! XD So we stayed up till 4....We were watching X factor and that stuff.It's amazing how some people can sing. *O*
In the morning we went home pretty fast because we had some work to do at home.

On the first October we went to our faculties to meet professors and see our classrooms.Katty already knew some of the people that are going along with her (our friend Candy and Luka),and I didn't know anyone :( But I met one really nice girl that is studding Turkish together with me ^^ We had fun,choir was organised to sing us a hymn,and after that there was a small show.There wasn't anything organised on Katty's  faculty...:( We met afterwards in the McDonald's. I just had to drink their moka coffee :Q It's delicious!

Katty's lectures started yesterday,and my are starting on Monday.I'm very excited!I just had a lot of trouble picking up elective subjects...I don't see a point in those.
Oops,this is one long post!That would be it for today :) Hope you enjoyed it!

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