Monday, October 15, 2012

Middle October

walking down the street i noticed beautifully arranged tree shadows

They were leading to one single house that is falling apart.Like it was pointing it out.

On the other side,I was facing the end of the dark :)

                                                               I just love shadow play!

Yesteraday Hannie and Milan came to visit us. Hannie brought us some stuff that she doesn't need. Like giveaways. She didn't want to give it to other people,so we had that pleasure ^_^
There are many Hello Kitty necklaces,some rings,wristbands... some fake eyelashes and makeup! It's like Santa came too early. We wanted to make something sweet for them,so we made muffins. 3 different tastes: white with chocolate,black (cacao) with cherry and black with chocolate and cherry! They were absolutely delicious! And made without oil or butter. I,honestly,forgot to put it in. But they came out even better that with it!

After we finished eating sweets,it was time for a walk. Our town is small,so we didn't have many places to go to.  Shortly after we arrived in the center of the town, we became hungry,collected money from everyone and sat in one amazing restaurant called "Poco loco". It is pretty,but that waiter was just simply annoying!  He was rude,harsh and he almost didn't answer our questions. Food was great,after all. It was always,and it will always be,probably. That restaurant is well known here. 



                                                    Just one beautiful morning in Pancevo!

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