Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pole party!

Last Friday was very exciting!Our friend Candy invited us over to her house.She was making pole party with her girls.They are all learning pole dancing.It's really an amazing sport!Very hard to learn.It takes a lot of strength  to only do the basic step.I tried it XD And failed.I have really,really week arm muscles....It was very interesting to watch them practice and have fun.All of them are very friendly and cheerful.We can't wait for the next party :D

Candy traded pair of her boots with one our shoes :D So now we have demonia boots.We didn't really take a picture of them O.o But you can kind of see them here: 

Candy collects these little horses :3 I love them!I have to buy one too...At least one. 

And I got to wear these really cool slippers :

Aren't they cute??Although you kind of have the feeling of wearing two left shoes XD
All in all,it was a great night!Just what we needed.We were really under a lot of stress these past few days.A lot of bad things happened so it was great thing to go out and have fun ^_^

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