Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn -.-

So it finally started.One day it was 35 C and the next 20 or less.So I got cold.Yay.Lovely.Just when I have to go to school and study and be normal.Just lovely.
All in all,we've been pretty busy these days,so I just didn't have time to write.Or I was just lazy XD We met some new friends ^^ I befriended 5 girls from my desk(?) and we are always together.We decided to take same elective subjects,so that we could study together.They are all younger than me,but I don't feel the difference at all XD I like all of my professors,they are  very nice. 
Here's part of the library:

Four days ago I met with Hannie. We went out together with her mom to walk one little doggie named Lilith. Hannie's mom saved her,she was hit by a car.She had only 3 % chance to live,and she made it.Lilith is on every lucky dog!And she is so smart and cute! :3 Everyone was looking at her while I was standing with her in front of the store,waiting for Hannie and her mom.It was somehow weird O.o 

At some point Hannie came out of the store and told me to go inside and help her mom pick something out.I went in and she told me to pick something for myself.I was like wuuut?Why?No!I don't wanna! XD But in the end I couldn't refuse her...So she bought me and my sister BB cream by Two Faced *O*  I love it!It's so cute!And it's good.Though not so good as Korean BB cream.They have the best ever!

I will write a little review for Two Faced BB cream.It has really nice structure,it is light enough for my skin and it's very smooth.I can't see it at all when I apply it.Although it doesn't cover up so good.It only makes skin a bit smoother and more even.As I said already,Korean BB is much better for that.

The day after that we went out with Milan. Hannie and Natalia should have come with us,but they canceled at the last moment :P We kind of had a feeling that we are going to end up alone XD We had really nice time,walked around,ate cake,drank coffee.We were really relaxed and in the good mood.

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Candy's place and throw a party.But I didn't feel good enough to stay up all night.So,unfortunately,we cancelled. :( And I was SO looking forward to it....
We went out for a walk and ended up in Belgrade.We came back wet as mice.But that's story for another post :)

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