Monday, November 5, 2012


A bit late post about Halloween party that we went to ;)
We had great time!We went with bunch of people from here.We of course went to Underworld.It's our favorite place and we don't wanna change it!
First there was Host night until around midnight and than goth music started.We danced through the entire night.There was a lot of people.Not all were wearing masks though...It's a shame.We stayed till 3 am and than dad came for us.We were too tired to wait till morning.

Yesterday we made a little gathering because our B-days are on 6th and 22nd November.So we invited few people to our place.We had a nice time.We talked a lot and played some silly games.Katty,mom and I made little pizzas and muffins that day.We were really busy making everything look nice.Guests should have arrived at 3 pm,but first of them came around 4 XD We were expecting that....So here are some pictures:

That is Katty's new sweater XD It's like XXXXXXXL...And it's very warm ^^ Some of people that came didn't want to take pictures...And some of pictures are in Nikoleta's camera,so we will post them some other time.Next post: makeup that we got as a present from Hannie and her mom.I HAVE to write a review.It's Two Faced and Benefit makeup :3333 Bye bye!

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  1. i like the polka dots fan & that creative birthday "cakes" :D happy birthday!