Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lolita inspired

Hello! I have two new skirts that we made *with our grandma* :) They are lolita inspired.I love lolita style but I think it's too much for me and I can't buy clothing or shoes here.I can't even order it because we don't have paypal. -.- So I decided to make my own skirts and dresses!And here are two of them:

This photo was taken two days ago in my school.I was having exam at that time,but I finished mine so I went out with friends.It's a bit blurry but Tamara's hands were shaking because she was sill nervous even though she finished hers as well. XD I know how she felt.I was like that too.

Unfortunately I still don't have good petticoat.Hopefully I will make it soon.Though skirts are pretty nice without it too ...Grandma bought material for this red one.She surprised me with it ^_^ I love that lace with hearts.
Yellow one is made from material Katty bought about a year ago.It was just standing in a bag doing nothing.So we thought to make a skirt out of it :) They are both made of cotton.I would like to add something to this yellow one but I have no idea what.Somehow it seems to me that it would be too much for everyday skirt....Any ideas?
I hope I will be able to find some cute materials for few more skirts.It's really hard to find them here.They are mostly one colored-no prints at all.Or they have some gross big flowers or something :S I would like to find something with straps.
And one more question.What do you think about this color for letters?I like it,but I don't know if it's hard for you to read like this....


  1. I just love your blog. Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know. XOXO

  2. the skirts look adorable in here! love how they are lolita inspired!

  3. Slatkooo!