Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking a rest

We took a little rest from studying few days ago and went out with Milan,Natalia and Alex.We went for a walk and then ended up in one AMAZING cafe bakery with lots of cakes,cookies,creams,ice creams and stuff.We ordered Plazma shake (for those who aren't from Serbia,plazma is type of a biscuit that I like the most in the world! ).It was very tasty :3 We took some pictures,but unfortunately light was not very good,and there was too little space to make good ones.After some time we went out to walk a little more and went to Monument restaurant.I ordered pancake with cheese and ham.It was very good!* I have a picture of it but I'm having troubles with sending it from phone to computer -.-  * Katty didn't wanna eat anything...It was a very pleasant night.We came home a little earlier than we planned because we had to - guess what -! -.- I think my brain is overloaded.I just can't concentrate on anything anymore.I'm barely typing right now.So if there's a lot of mistakes in this post,I'm very sorry!

I wish there was more pictures than this...That place is really so adorable!Everything is somehow smaller than usual,like a doll house.Oh,yeah,it's name is Italian - Bacio :) I don't have any picture of my look that day :( And I really like what I had on myself!Damn.
Have a nice day!Bye~

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