Sunday, April 24, 2011


On Tuesday,March 19th people gathered in “Dom Omladine” Belgrade.We were all going to Orochi.Orochi is Japanese band,second one that came to Serbia.We were very happy because of it.That day us two went to our friends house to get ready together :D When we were done it was already 7:30 pm and we thought that we won’t get good spot in hall.But when we got there it wasn’t crowded at all.There was about 50 people all together…We hoped that more people will come,but they haven’t.While we were waiting we saw one really beautiful Japanese guy *____* WOW.We were all staring at him,wondering who he is.Later on we found out that he is Orochi’s stylist.
Around 9:15 concert started :] First came out Genji-Hotaru,he waved at us and set behind his drums.Then Mitsuhide came,all flashy in his purple clothes.After Mitsuhide came Yukimura ^____^ He is so cute!And all touchy with the crowd XD Ushiwaka came out last.He had some scarf on his head,so we couldn’t see his face.He started playing flute (or something)and it started :D We danced,took pictures,recorded,screamed….And it wasn’t important that there was only around 50 people.They were cheerful ,full of energy…Ushiwaka talked in English with us.Yukimura tried but failed and then he started repeating “Da,da,da,da,da…..” (wich means “yes”in our language) XD It was so funny!When Ushiwaka saw that we don’t understand what Yukimura is talking he said “Do you need some help?” with a grin.We started laughing and shouted “YES!!!” And they all laughed with us. At some point Ushiwaka told us to repeat words after him,that was before “Hannya” started.He taught us together with Mitsuhide.He was holding papers with words and Ushiwaka was teaching us.It was funny because Mitsuhide messed up word line and made some silly face and we all started laughing again XD Ushiwaka and Yukimura let us touch them.ESPECIALLY Yukimura :D Oh,yeah,there was some fan service between Yukimura and Ushiwaka ^________^ We screamed loud XD Mitsuhide unzipped Yukimura’s shirt.It was hilarious!When concert ended we continued screaming and after some time Mitsuhide started playing bass from corner of the stage.After few moments Genji-Hotaru came out and started playing drums.OMG it was AMAZING!He is great.At the end they all came out and played again.First Ushiwaka told us to sing all together,and they started playing “Sakura” slowly.He taught us refrain and then they started playing it.It was great ^_^ Oh,yeah,when they first ended concert,we were all like “Oooohhhhhhh” :(((( In the end it was like that again XD Time flew by really quickly.
Oh oh oh! I forgot! During the concert we showed our drawings to Yukimura(Katty showed him a picture of him) and he smiled really cute ^_______^ Later I gave him all of the drawings and he took them with a smile.He is really,really cute <3
After concert we went to buy some souvenirs,and there was signing organized :D We all stood at line and waited.Katty and me bought pictures of Orochi so that they could sign them.AH I forgot again!While people were still buying things I went back to the stage,and saw that georgeus stylist.He was taking papers with song list off the stage.He swa me looking and gave it to me ^^ And I asked him if he had some spare pick :D He said “Piku~?” and I said “Yes” and then he said “Yes,wait!” :DDDDDDDD So because I stood in the line for signatures he gave pick to Katty.Happy!!!
When my turn to get signs came I had Yukimuras pic with me,and that paper with song list.So I gave him a picture and I gave paper to Ushiwaka and the rest of them.Yukimura signed pic for me and then lifted it and looked at.AND I TOUGHT I COULD DIE.HE HAS SO PRETTY EYES.OMG.He smiled….awwwww I was melting XD When I finished I set on the stage with my friend Milan and we waited for Katty and Hannie to get to the backstage for an interview with the guys.Milan and I were looking at Yukimura and smileing and talking about how cute he was,and then he saw as and waved and smiled ^________^ We were dazed XD After that I took camera to take a pic of him and he posed ^_^
When Katty and Hannie finished interview we took pics with that stylist guy ^_______^
Everything was awesome!And you will get interview really soon ^_____^ And pics…Coz right now they are at Hannies camera…..-.-

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