Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm officially a driver XD

Hahahaha i finally got my driving licence! Yay me! But,now i'm scared to drive by myself...T.T Dad toled me to go to drawing class with his car today..No way!But,on the other side,that would be cool :P Anyway,i'm listening to Kat-tun right now ^___^ Love song called "Lips" and "1582" and "Love juice" :D Oh,btw,Sophie is writing XD Katty is in school...I'm still thinking what school should i go to....I mean,i would really like to to to textile design but i'm not really good with painting.And painting is needed for signing in....Damn it...-.-
Last night we found this really cute picture of a little girl in "tutu" dress ^_____^ She is adorable!

I'm gonna go now...I have to wash dishes -.- My poor nails.....X'D

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