Monday, April 4, 2011

Just for the start..

1st thing we want to mention on this blog is that we kind of don't know what are we doing here. At all.
So.. If you sometimes read some crap,just... chill. :)
Sophie Ankoku is born on 22nd November 1991. and she will study textile and fashion design.Hopefully.
Katty Ankoku is born on 6th November 1993. and already in high school for textile and fashion design.
One day those two will be famous.

Hahahaha . Fails.

Anyways,we like fashion,but we don't follow it often.
Music is our daily drug and we lived few times without it for about week or two..and gone insane. xD
Party animals like us love to organize and go on random parties. Ofc if there's a bunch of our friends there.(and it's always like that) XD
Some people judge us for our "friend" relationships,but we don't care.It's our life,not theirs.We must say that because you'll maybe see some photo with one person kissing another,and then,on the next one,kissing totally different xD
Yes,it's like that,but only in our "coven",which is about 15 people big...or more. xD

:3 byezzzzzz .. for now.


  1. I love ur blog. This is so F.U.C.K.I.N.G...C.O.O.L. :D