Friday, April 8, 2011


The best night EVER.
I don't know where to start... The train left the station in Belgrade at 9:25 pm on Tuesday 28.09.Us seven were at the coupe,Danica,Yuuki,Ana,Danica's father and us.We were all excited and we knew that there will be no sleep on our trip to Budapest.So,we were talking,laughing and speaking rubbish so loud that whole vagon heard us,i think.hahaha We didn't care!When the controlor came to check our passports we were still laughing like crazy.They were grining and commenting in Hungarian and they left soon enough.After that some woman told us that one of them said to the other to ask us for phone numbers! xD
In Subotica,Aya,Hikari and Tanja got on the train,so we were hanging out with them for some time.We came to Budapest at 5 am O_O It was really cold and windy.
Nothing was working so we took cover in metro station. It was a little wormer than..Because we were bored,we saw that there was a pult made of metal near us that looked like a BIGGG mirror.So we started putting our makeup on and then we noticed some people behind that "mirror" and they were probably looking at us and laughing out loud.But we didn't care,again,because we wouldn't see them any tme in our life again.At 7 am McDonalds started working so we went there to sit,get some rest and drink morning coffee/eat. After that we went to change our money and then started strolling around.Budapest is abslutely beautiful! Everything is sooo clean.We came to one big square,Hero's square.It's really pretty with some big monumental statues.There was a bunch of Japanese people,two whole busses.^_^ Althou,they were old,reeeeallllyyy old. After that we went to ambassy street and we passed our ambassy as well.On Octagon we went to "Burger King" to eat,and it was AWEFUL.EW>>>NEVER go there.After that we were walking around visiting stores,and later we bought metro tickets so we can go to Diesel club.It was really difficult to find the right direction to Nepliget and we had to ask many people for help..Thanks God,we found some guy that knew English well.So he showed us our way.We missed a station,so we had to go back,but it's a good thing because we got out on some really pretty square.We could see Danau and the city from there,on the other side.It was sunny,but really windy,so it was kind of cold.
When we finally got to the club there was a lot of people. We came around 2pm.Behind the building there was Despa's bus.First we went there,but we figured out that it's better to queue.We got in some argue with some Hungarian girls,but we expected that already.We had nice chat with Slovenian,Croatian and Slovakian people.It was interesting because we menaged to understand each other althou everyone talked in their own language.Hungarian girls were punching and swearing,but we made up after some time.Till the end everything was ok.At 6pm they FINALLY started letting us in.We barely stood,but we menaged to be on good places.On the entrance i had to leave my camera,but how stupid AM I (Sophie)?? I could easily keep it and get it in.OMG i was sooo annoyed after that.Althou,we took pics and videos by phones.But that's not IT! -.-
On the entrance we got WALLPAPPERS FOR FREE!!! Hehehe Nobody knew about that XD
The club was smaller than we expected.It is pretty nice and it has a bar where we can by drinks.When we got in,first we tried to get to the first rows,but people were squezing and pushing too hard,so we went to the back.We stood on some platform,and it was a good place because we could see EVERYTHING from there.Our patience was very low,because we were EXITED too the limits.Here and there you could hear screaming,crying or "DESPA" and then everybody would join them.When some of the stuff came out to check sound,we started screaming because we knew that it will start soon.
At some moment something changed,i think the light went out and some different music started.And then.... THEY came out. THE ALMIGHTY DESPA!!
There was one big scream and they started ROCKING!!! We have NO idea which song was first.Everything is somehow blurred in our minds.Hizumi,Karyu,ZERO (KIFLICA) and Tsukasa are so HOT! :D
Althou,we didn't wee Tsuki very well :( Hizumi has such a voice!! And a pack (stomach,don't misunterstand,please XD)! And ZERO....He is...He is.... absolutely... PERFECT!!! And he has every pack possible XD And that SMILE! And ...and...he was laughing all the time! And we touched him! (This is so fangirlizm) He has really soft hands!!! And Karyu was showing off,as usual XD And he didn't let us touch him,but Katty did,because she is the tallest one XD
First two picks that Karyu trew noone noticed..We were all jumping,singing,screaming our lungs out.We could feel our voice chords trambling.At some point Katty went farward to first rows so she can take pics.And then she realized that she touched Zero,Hizumi and Karyu and then she tried to call for Sophie,but she couldn't,so she ran and pulled her to the front.We went all way to the left speaker,right under the ZERO (sounds wrong.) We could see him so close!! He was looking down all the time and smiling... When he saw we are trying to take pics he posed for us! LAter came Karyu and after Katty's few tries to take good pic he just put his face into her phone with some horny face xD So we have pic of his face,Full view of half face and hair XD They were all climbing up the speaker.Unfortunately,Sophie dind't touch Hizumi,they pushed her away :( Like a big wave :( And she had only on cm to succeed. T__T
When "Garnet" started we all went insane.We were singing,screaming,growling the loudest of our lungs! And they when "Forbidden" started everything was EVEN BETTER!! EVERYBODY knew lyrics.We couldn't wait for that song.When concert ended,they started splashing us with water.Actually,they started spitting on us.Literally. XD haha
ZERO showered us with his spit. X'DDDDDDDDDDDDD We were wet all over... (again,wrong.) Katty menaged to catch Karyu's pick this way:
He sat on the speaker.. Put it in his mouth..And sent it flying to the crowd (straight to her head) and then it fell down. T____T bam bam baaaam. She went dooown and put her hand on it screaming no,while the girls tried to grab it before her eyes...hands. And then she screamed "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" like crazy,so whole crowd could hear her.And they just stepped away X'DDD *yay* We think they got scared ^__________^ !! And then the bra got the pick XD
Some girls made big transparent with signatures and D'ESPAIRSARAY latters.Hizumi put it around himself at the end of the concert... After that Tsuki trew sticks,and then it got messy. REALLY messy. A bunch of girls jumped like wild cats,trying to catch it,scratching,pulling,grabbing faces,butts and everything! They were all around the dirty floor! And we just stepped back laughing XDDDDDDDD (We love you Emi <3)
After we got out,we were in a trans.Danica's father tought that we were on some drugs or something.We didn't cry when it finished because we were too happy and TIRED for that :)
We felt like it was only a dream.. But we have pics,pick,videos,and great memories as proof. <3

Pics after we put watermark on them,coz some people already stole some. ^^


  1. ahhaahah I love you to,girls :D Hope you two are going on Dir En Grey ,too? :D

  2. Well,we don't know.. But we're going to Orochi! :D Haha ... Dir an grey will be an option for summer vacation ^__^ <3

  3. OmZ, u really can write soooo good things <3
    Every time I read this it makes me cry, because I feel like being there again <3
    thank you for sharing this awesome memory <3]:3