Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girugamesh concert,12th of March,2011.

On Saturday morning,we woke up at 7:30am (i think) got ready,went to have breakfast(we were at the hotel,like,5 mins away from the club),and than went to the entrance of the club. We didn’t expect to see that many people there,but we didn’t worry much.We saw about 15 of them and after that came a few more (that slept there too) but we survived :D We stood in the row and people just kept entering it from every side. We were really annoyed and tried to talk to those guys there. For some time it was quiet (I mean,we didn’t fight) but after some time it got messy. The girls tried to enter the row in an enormous number and we couldn’t stand it.Our friends and new friends stood for our rights to be there and then we fought. (by words) Time passed by as we were talking,laughing,listening to music,fighting with girls,learning Hungarian swears XD And so on.. Around 2pm the bus with GIRU came and a buch of people rushed to wait for them at the back entrance, along with us.After some time (while they were trying to park) they finally got out.Girls started screaming and we were just like “Wtf??What’s the point XD” … We took some pictures and recorded their getting out,and then went back.We were surprised how small they are XDDDD Nii and Shu aren’t THAT short,but Satoshi and Ryo are. ^^
Textiles with signs and messages were made all over the place.There was one really good black with our hand prints painted in white… At some point one of the stuff came out with the camera! Everyone rushed to be in the video and we took pics with our textile (Croatian girls brought it)… those who had gifts for the band gave them to that stuff member,and we did that too.( we gave him our satin with message ^^)… And soo….we waited and waited.. and waited…
Until the security came. Then the chaos started. Everyone was pushing and we almost fell from the row.Our friends from Serbia came at the last moment possible to come into it.At some point we (Soph and Kat) got separated,… But Sophie begged that guy at the entrance to let her in because she has lost her sister XD So he did.
Inside we had to leave our clothes ,so Sophie was kind of late,and got to the 4th row,while Katty Was in 2nd,and then in 3rd because some bitchy Hungarian girls were pushing and taking her organs out.It was really hard to stand still,because we were tired and nervous like hell.
Anyways,there was Lady Gaga played XD And Britney XDDDDDD And we were all singing and laughing because we commented before the concert that they will SURELY play Britney XD (I don’t know why XD)
The concert started at 8:30pm and then the hell was brought to the higher level.
We were screaming,singing,jumping,BABBLING SOME CRAP (because we didn’t know ALL the lyrics).
As always,the most ugliest member from the pictures is the most beautiful one live.That was the case with ZERO (Despa) too.
They were not in such a great mood,because of the earthquake,but Satoshi sang really good.When “I think I can fly” started we all went nuts! It was AWESOME!! And.. When BREAK DOWN started… That was insane!!! O__O Sooo much energy in one place! :D (again,I must compare it with FORBIDDEN of Despa,because of the energy~) 
We won’t explain every song because we don’t remember all of them XD But it was AWESOME! IN one moment Shu told us to shut up with “SHHH” And Satoshi started talking in…English…….. XD Sort of~ It wasn’t for laughing…But…. That was just hilarious XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
He said that all money from merchandise is going for help to Japan.. And Then they continued~
They forgot to throw picks (only 3 were thrown we think) and Ryo forgot to throw sticks… So fans begged the stuff to give them picks and sticks after the concert.. Our friend managed to get one stick ^^ lucky bitch XD <3 Love you <3
Yeah,Ryo recorded us all in the end of the concert,with their camera ^___^
Some of us… Saw where the band went.. And we waited…

*DRAMA MOMENT* !~~~~~!
Bam bam bam baaaaaaaaaam.
And then passed by…
SHIRTLESS SATOSHI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And again…And again… And again… And then almost nosebleed after the shock~ :D
Some stuff guy that was nice (like a person not looks~) came out and we asked him to take our DVD that we bought to GIRU to sign along with our tickets.And he was like: *nod nod* “ok!”
And we were like : * O______O* “THANKS!!!!!!!!!”
And then we waited….and waited.. And he wasn’t getting back,and we thought that he misunderstood us and understood that he should GIVE it to them as a GIFT. But,luckily,girl from Diesel organization came and we asked her what’s going on… And other girls begged her to take their tickets for signing too.At first she didn’t want to,but then we all told her that we traveled A LOT to get on that concert,so she allowed it at last. After some time our DVD came back~~~~~~~
The cover,the paper from the inside and tickets were ALL signed!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD *happy*
We were stunned.
Then we continued waiting for friends to get their signs and started dancing because there was afterparty. We kept our DVD in hands all the time,because no one knew that they could get the signs XDDD *selfish,but who cares!*
After that we went to our hotel and SLEPT LIKE DEAD!
In the morning we got to Keleti station after breakfast and managed to catch the train in about 10 minute,no matter that we were planning on getting to the on at 1pm not at 10am XD (Yeah,we were at the station at 9:55am XD) It took us 9 hours to get back to Belgrade…~! Soooo slow! We saw bambies! :D And rabbits! And all kind of birds! And one wild cat! :DD Haha.. Anyways,it was one great experience …>BUT SUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <3 MEW MEW!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Yeah,I hope he won’t see this. It’s too much of a FANGIRLIZM!!!!!!!!!!!! XDD
When we met our father and his girlfriend,we were talking like insane and,like, REALLY fast XD And they were looking at us like we’re not normal X’DDD Nah,who cares. We hope you enjoyed reading this.

BUT SUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. As always,the most ugliest member from the pictures is the most beautiful one live.That was the case with ZERO (Despa) too.
    *my reaction EXACTLY >.<
    Bam bam bammmm
    I saw a shirtless Ryo too, when everyone talked with the stuffmember girl about getting the signed stuff back

  2. So luckyyyy, i wish i was there with ya ='/ <3

  3. POKE to u too :) <3 we wish you were there too... <3