Saturday, April 9, 2011

GUILD-Belgrade-17.10.2010-report ^__^

On Sunday 17.10.2010. we went on GUILD concert.
Around 3:30 pm we came to Belgrade and after some time met with Yuuki,Danica,Ana and Ivana. We left to find the club “Ciklon” where concert was held.And there we met Mia,Vera and Sanja.We stood with them until first 4 girls came.Danica got white textile and wrote on it band name ,message for them and draw their and our flag and Katty drew their manga faces on the top ( You can see it on their official video on myspace at 00:57 at: Danica and Sophie “painted” them and all of us signed it.While we were doing that THEY came.We saw big white car and we knew they should come with it,and Sophie saw some Japanese guy on the front seat.We all jumped and started laughing and we didn’t know what to do.Our hands were shaking like crazy.We decided to stay where we were and just took our cameras out.We didn’t want to scare them and didn’t want them to think that we are some crazy fangirls.After some time that Japanese guy Sophie saw came out with camera and said “Hello” to us.And he started filming us while we were drawing.Yoshihiro and Takuma came out! Takuma is soooo small! He looked like a little child with mask on his face.Yoshihiro is a little taller (about 170 cm,we think).Ryu and Koi are as small as Takuma.The girl that was with them as translator came to us and asked us to wait with taking pics until concert because they were traveling about 18 hours and they were really tired.Of course,we said ok.The stupid manager was late,and they couldn’t get into the club.Katty,Danica and Ana went with that girl to buy them some food.Before that Ana gave them her cellphone to call the manager.When Katty and the rest were buying food,the girl asked how do we say “Thank you” in our language and wrote it down in her phone.Around 8 people started gathering in front of the club.Some brats were screaming like crazy and we wanted to shut their mouth,but we couldn’t.They were pushing although we all stood there for few hours before them.At 9 we were supposed to start going in,but they didn’t let us.Few girls,along with Katty,got inside before the rest of the people,because those guys at the entrance made some mistake.Katty had to go to the toilet,so they let her go,and she saw Takuma without makeup!!! HE IS BEAUTIFUL! :D
The rest of us waited until 9:30 and we got really nervous.But,when we came in,that was it.All of us started singing along with the music (their songs were played) and we were in 1st-2nd row.OMG when they came out!! We were screaming out loud .They are really cute,much cuter than on photos! And they have laughing wrinkles :3 And they all have biiiig smiles! :D
1st song was “Get back”.. We were jumping,they were so great! :D Before “Party” started they showed us choreography.It was really funny.Two times Sophie embarrassed herself because when everyone was silent she screamed “HEY!” and Ryu saw her and she wanted to die. XD
The second time she hid behind some girl  But Ryu smiled! :D
For “Burning love” everyone sang “Bunny love” because it sounds like that,no matter that everyone knew the right lyrics.OMG when Ryu took that transparent we made our hearts were full! They wanted to burst! :D And Katty gave Ryu the drawing Sophie and her made for them :3
Oh,yeah,they tried talking English X’DDD That didn’t go so well.Ryu started talking Japanese and we all just stared at him because we didn’t understand everything.Then he got confused and then someone yelled “English!” ,and he was,like,”Ingrishu?!”…And he was getting more and more confused.
Ryu: “My INGRISH is bad… My name is Ryuichi!” *SCREAM FROM the AUDIENCE”
Then he started introducing the band.And then he gave microphone to Yoshihiro.
Yoshi: “DAISUKI!”
Audience: “AISHITERU!!!”
Yoshi: “Aishiteru?? O_O” *laugh*
Then Takuma took mic. And said “Huara!”
We were like “EEEHHH????” O.o??
Then he repeated it few times,totally confused and we figured out that he wanted to say HVALA (Thanks) and then he moved his sleeve and tried to read it,then showed us what was written on it.And we started screaming “HVALA” to them.At the end he gave up and said “Thank you” in English. :)
Koi took mic. and said something in Jap. And than “Dansu”.And we figured out that he wants us to dance.And then he showed us that choreography for party. (that was the rest of the mentioned “Party” thing from above)
At some point Ryu asked “Genki desu ka?” .We started screaming and yelling “GENKI DESUUU” but some random girls were repeating his words,and the rest of us felt embarrassed.He was like “No,no STOP!” and said “Genki desu ka?” and showed at us and said “HAAAI” and raised his hand to the air.We were all “HAAAI” then.Then,again,SCREAM.He started yelling “daisuki” ,”kawaii”,”sugoi” and the rest of common Jap. words that everyone knows.It was really fun.
We were sad when the concert ended.Katty managed to catch Ryu’s bottle ! He literally threw it in her hands because she was the tallest one ! (sometimes being tall is cool!!! :D)
We bought 2 singles AND we got autographs!!! Katty convinced the girl who was translating to give them the cd to sign.AND SHE DID!!! (We love that girl <3)
After the concert we went to sit and drink water,and Soph called mother to scream at the phone about everything that happened there.Mother,of course,didn’t understand a thing,because Soph was in pure hysteria and talked too fast. XD
That’s it.We guess. :)) <3 anyways,we hope that they’ll come again! :D <3 LOVE! Pics when we get PS and put watermarks :)


  1. wow... I really feel like Ive been there^^
    u should be a journalist :D