Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News :)

It’s 7 days before Orochi concert here,in Belgrade. I hope there will be a lot more people than on GUILD… Guild was perfect,but nobody knew about them,nor how do they sound live. I heard many not so good comments about Orochi,but we kind of like them. It’s really rare to hear traditional singing mixed with metal/rock … Sophie,Andjela (Hannie Goredoll),Milan Kojic and Katty (me) are going to that concert as reporters for our blog,and Hannie’s mother’s magazine.I guess that we will be able to go backstage or something. I don’t know. We would like to meet them,they seem like really crazy people in a good way! :D
Can’t wait for it! It’s 2nd J-rock concert in Serbia!
Next thing on the list,actually,next band on the list is Diorama. They are not Japanese,but they are awesome!Their amazingly mixed music and his voice are pure love! :D :D
Report for Orochi will be here soon,and for Diorama in May.Between those two there will be many other things ;)) <3

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