Thursday, October 13, 2011


Woohooo!We got internet back!So,here are post about things that happened till now,in past 3 months XD

In July,we went camping with our friends :D We stayed only 2 days and 1 night,but we had fun!We were on lake that has camping places around.It's really pretty lake ^^ I was riding a car!(Sophie) It was my first time riding alone and out of town!In my car was Katty,Niki,Alex,Luka and me,and in the other car were George,Nina,Maya and Georges and Ninas parents.At some point there was a bug in the car and Niki started screaming like crazy while i was turning the car around.I thought i would kill him for that -.- When we got there we found place for tends and unpacked.We had tons of food XDDD As soon as we finished with that we went in lake :D Water was really was so hot that day that we all went red really quickly :O although we put sunscreen...Anyways,we had fun.In the evening we set near water an watched sunset ^^ sky was really beautiful!It was weird to sleep on the ground XD I mean we were in tends but still...Geogre,Luka and Alex were teasing us with flashlights and sounds XD We got up early in the morning,i think it was around 7 O_O It was even hotter than day before!We had breakfast and went strait to water.Although we had T-shirts on this time XD Oh,yeah!When we firs got to the water there were snakes!!Really colorful snakes....We all jumped out of water XD Than we watched them,and they got scared,so they swam away :P In the afternoon Mateja joined us ^^ But,Katty,Niki and i had to go home pretty soon...We packed,sad goodbye and got to the car.I asked some nice man to get my car out of parking place XD I was scared that i would kick something/someone while doing that XDDD I was so tired on the way back...Katty and Niki fell asleep...I thought that i will too :O But we came back alive XDD And here are some pics :D

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