Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to partying :D

Last night we were invited to "Burlesque night" (it failed xD). We went to Belgrade 2 hours earlier,and that was a big mistake because non of our friends appeared... ^^ We were freezing at that square while we waited for our friend to bring us some notes for english exam. When we received those papers,we went to McDonalds to check our makeup in mirrors of their toilet XD and had dinner at some bakery.After leaving Mc we went for a walk to Student park,and set in KFC to drink tea. It was around 00:10 when we realized that we have to go to the club. After going to the street in which we thought the club was,we faced disappointment.The club wasn't working. Actually,it was the wrong one. Yup,we were at totally different part of the city,without any busses going to the place where we were supposed to be. Brainless. So we asked for direction and it took us 45 minutes by foot (in HEELS (10cm)) to get there. When we finally arrived,it was,like,WTF? Why the hell did we walk there when it was a mess? The organization was lame. They were clumsy and the girl that was dancing had very....boring choreography. We met one really nice guy. He was our company through the night. He suggested to go to another club named "Vrtoglavica" (we went there many times before),and we agreed. His friend called a cab and we took off. YAY! We were happy to leave that place... They paid for that ride (thank you,guys) and we got into the club. The music was WAAAAAY better and it was really crowded. So we danced and talked and sat in front of the club to rest.. Coz we are both ill XD (yeah,we're going out no matter what,but not to school XD KIDS,DON'T DO THAT) ... Dj was nice. He played many songs that we liked and asked for. In the end,we went to eat something at "KUKI" (<3). It's the usual bakery after night-out. It was 5 am atm. We got back home around 6 am and we just fell to our beds and fell asleep XDDDD Anyways,the evening was nice,after we got to Vrt. ^______^ Some pics:

Someone left a message in the toilet that says "call me ,i'm hot." XD (???)

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