Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stormy's b-day~!

So,we weren't able to type yesterday XD The B-day was on Friday,in Belgrade. It was fun. 'Till everyone got drunk. Our friend had a blackout. So they had to watch over her most of the night. One guy and me (katty) had a fight over music. If I played something and walked from the computer,he would have changed the song. It was really annoying. He changed even those which were for b-day girl. I wanted to trow him through the window. Seriously. At some point,our friend started dancing and making everything fun. But he wasn't decently dressed,so he forced me to erase videos -.- We had small argue,but it's all good now. Few of our male friends tried my heels ^__^ One walked as if something was stopping him from closing his legs,because he was "not safe" on them. He had to remain balance xD Anyway,we drank,ate,laughed and screamed XD I bet neighbors were going crazy because of music...and screaming XD At the end of the night (around 4 am) we started talking with one of our friends,Yuki,about concerts we've been to,j bands,k bands,Jang Keun Suk,etc. After that most of us sat down on the floor and spoke about BUGS and our fears XD FUN FUN FUN XDDD And some were sleeping all together on some couch. :) When it was the time for us to go,we said goodbye and at 5:25 the bus arrived. We came home at around 6:40 am ^__^ So we slept 'till around 4 pm :D And then we watched PROTECT THE BOSS (MUST WATCH!!) IT is amazing~! Funny,funny! :D <3
Some pics: