Monday, October 17, 2011

Some old things :)

Since we won't be going out till Friday,here's post about what happened on July 15th ^_^ We made surprise for our friend George's B-day! :D We wanted to do something nice for him,because we all love him very much.And then Katty and I got an idea to make a b-day cake with the rest of the "crew".It was hilarious XD We were running late because the bus didn't arrive on time...We were literally running to get to Alex and Silvia.Katty,Andrea,Hannie,Milan,Chris,Anja,Leo and I were supposed to be in theater at 7pm,and at that point it was already 5:15pm! We took ingredients and started making cake.In the end we had to go,and it wasn't finished yet T_T so we left it to Silvia,Deanna,Nina and Alex to finish it :P Hoping it will look good in the end XD We went to watch Harry Potter ^^ It was really good!When we got back,the cake was ready and it looked good!Now all we had to do was wait for Niki to arrive with sprinkles and candles...And he was late.We were so nervous it was crazy!At last,he arrived,and we finished the cake.Just in time!In few mins Alex went outside to wait for George and to let us know he came.He started ringing the bell and we all jumped to get to the positions XD When the came we yelled "HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!" and stated singing b-day song ^^ We wanted to push Georges head into the cake but we could't XD He was surprised,he didn't expect anything!YAY!Mission completed!

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