Sunday, October 30, 2011

Before Halloween party in Underworld,Belgrade

Frst,there was a k-pop/j-rock/j-pop party and after that dark electro/goth party :D We danced all night long! Masquerade was organised so we came in our "costumes". It was really improvised. I got in for free,because security guy likes me :P As for me,I was wearing white sheets as Greek(or Rome) toga. It looked nice :) After some time in it i changed my clothes to GAGA shirt and jeans XD Sophie was butterfly/angel/fairy creature XD She doesn't know either :P Everybody gave her different name :) We went there from Hannie's place along with Alex.Hannie had cat ears and really cute hair and outfit,while Alex was dressed as girl. I did his makeup and he wore Hannie's wig and heels along with his friend's black dress,tights and striped cardigan. HE LOOKED TOTALLY LIKE A GIRL,and that was REALLY the best mask there :D And ever :D He knew how to walk in heels to,so it was a full package. Some guys flirted with him XD He just ran away. And kissed his girlfriend XDDDD As you may know,we have a situation called GOSSIP GIRL BELGRADE which writes some bullshit online. She/he is trying to reveal truth and lies everywhere. And she thinks she knows everything. BUT she didn't recognize Alex :) And failed in thinking that Minnie did his makeup :) Music there was really great! We didn't know only a few songs (3-4) (Asian AND gothic)and we listened to music for about 5-6 hours. :D YAY ! We don't have many photos (yet) coz we took some by the photographer of the event. (we were too busy dancing) ,but we have few short videos and couple of photos. Oh,yeah,the audience extremely changed with the change of music. After Asian part ended,everyone masked was gone and "goth" people started coming. We were the rare ones who stayed through both parts of the party :) and everyone was,like,"why do they dance to fancy music AND to dark one??" haha :D Anyway,we had really good time. And after that we went to Hannie's place to EAT and drink coffee. :)) It was around 3:30 am when we arrived,and we went to bed around 5:30 am :) We slept till 1 pm,and all we did that day was laying around,playing whit kittens and watching videos on youtube XD (and removing the leftover of our previous makeup ! ) XDDD

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