Thursday, July 14, 2011


So sorry for not writing so long...we were kinda busy :O
Right now we are at our friends place.We are staying here for next 2 days ^^ We actually didn't write the end of our trip to Holland??!Oops....
This is how it went.On the last day we woke up,got dressed and went to Amsterdam(girls only! XD ). Then Katty and I split up from Hannie and her mom,we wanted to go and see the other part of the street....We took pictures of some stores and us and then went back.Then we set in cafe on the square and drank while Bjanka went to buy some stuff.The we went for a walk,and in the end set in some Turkish restaurant.It was yummy!They have great food,i love it!We saw a lot of greatly dressed people *____* It was around 8 o'clock when we got back to house.We packed our stuff and then went for a walk around the house(Katty and I). We took some pics of those lovely koi pounds and gardens around the place.I wish we lived in a place like that....
Tomorrow morning(we woke up at 6) was busy :P We went out of the house at around 7:30 i thin.It was really crowded on road,so it took some time to get to the airport.There we saw a group of young Asian ppl and we were wondering where are they from.They were interesting ^___^ After we got rid of our luggage we went to eat.We found RAMEN shop!So we ordered ramen with shrimps ^^ it was great!We were thinking about Naruto XDDD Then,it was time to get to the plane.Katty and I headed there first while Hannie and Her mo0m went to buy something.We set on the floor in front of the gate(the place where we should pass to get to the plane XD).We opened some magazine with great male clothes and commented on them XD After some time the pilot came to say HI to us,he knows our dad so he told us that maybe he will be able to put us in 1st class if there was empty place XD Those 2 then came so we went to stand in line.But then Bjanka went somewhere again...So us 3 went in and waited for her.We had to take of our jewelry and i had to take of bow from my was pain in the ass -.-'' When we finally started flying there was turbulence XD I was laughing to ease discomfort XD Pilot came and said that he can't put us in 1st class coz everything was taken :P Oh well... never mind XD When we landed in our country the airport was really crowded O___O There was so many ppl i couldn't believe....We found our dad and went all together to parking.There we stood and talked for a while and then sat in car.We went to Hannie's place to take some shoes that she and Bjanka wanted to give us.It was raining hard at some point but it was hot as hell T_T We finally got to our town and went to see mom on her work.It was her birthday on 2nd July so we gave her present ^^ we gave present to dad as well :]
And that would be it...It was nice,but there could'we been more action XD We will put pics as soon as we get them from Hannie :]
Bye bye~

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