Monday, July 18, 2011

Nyu :3

Harry Potter was great!!!!!!But it's so weird that it ended O_O That day we went to meet friends because we were making surprise for George's b-day :] We got together and went to Alex's place.We had only 45 min. to make cake coz we had to go to cinema.So we were in big hurry.We made fruits cake with pineapple and forest fruits,lady's finger(ummm i used google translate to translate word " pishkote"...that's kind of cookies that we use for cakes XD)and sour cream (in which we put sugar).It's easy and light summer cake ^^ We bought confetti and candles as well.At 6:30 pm we ha to go to cinema,so we left our friends to make whipped cream(we were worried all the tam if they will make it right XD) But when we got back,cake was done,covered with pink cream ^___^ it looked really cute!Around 9:45pm Niki came with sprinkles so we put them on cake,along with candles and sprinkler(like a firework for cake? XD).Then Alex went out to wait for George...And we tolled him to riiiingggggg on the door when he comes.And he did.We panicked,rushed to kitchen to light up candles,turned off lights,and stood in crowd to wait for them.When G.came in we screamed " Happy birthdaaaaaay!!!!!!" and he was in shock :DDDD He didn't expect it at all!!!YAY!Mission worked!He sad that it was best b-day ever ^_^ :D Then we all set on the floor around the cake and dug in with spoons XD When we finished we got up to go out in club.There was 18 of us XD When we entered the bus ppl stared XDDDD lol,nothing new XD It was funny :D When we got to the club,there was a bunch of ppl in front of the door.They were discussing where to go coz that one didn't work. T_T damn.We gathered on some hill and tried to decide where to go...Some guys told us that there was some music on Kalemegdan,so we finally decided to go there...But when we got there,it wasn't a party but a cafe with loud music...nothing special.So we set on the hill,us 20 something and talked XD it was nice :] Milan,Katty and I stayed until 3 am and then got taxi.We didn't eat anything whole day,so we were hungry :O So we bought burgers XD (Serbian burgers,real meat,really tasty XD) and went to sleep at 4:30 am XD Again.Tomorrow we were so tired...Katty and I went back home in the late afternoon and watched The Craw till 2 am XD I like that movie!But only 1st part...We don't have any pics from that day :( I like it that i'm busy everyday :D It's interesting to go out or to have someone at home all the time!
Here are some random cute pics ^___^

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