Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No title :P

Ok,we really have to start updating this blog every day or something...
It's pretty cold today and few days before :] i love it! I hate summer -.- So yesterady we went out with Niki and Sandra...Actually i went out with them,and Katty went out with her boyfriend :D Later we got all together.Rain started so we decided to go to Niki's place.When we got there Dr.House was starting so we watched it.I love that drama!We drank coffee and ate watermelon ^____^ It's funny how everyone thinks that Niki and i are a couple when we go out XDDD haha we always laugh about that XDD
Anyways we finally got pics from Holland :D I mean,they were in Hannie's laptop :P
Oh,yeah...Katty's in hospital...she's having surgery tomorrow :O Can't wait till it ends and she comes home T_T

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