Friday, July 1, 2011

oh thank god.

I FINALLY figured out how to turn of those letters that i had in last post...
Yesterday we went to Amsterdam again.It was really nice,we were there for like...7 hours? Lol it went by fast XD We went to Rembrandt's and Van Gogh's museum.It was interesting,Van Gogh really has amazing paintings.Though Katty and Hannie don't really like him XD They like Rembrandt more...oh,yeah,between those two we went to eat.We found some Japanese fast food.It was quite nice,but it could've been better :P OH!We saw one guy that TOTALLY LOOKED LIKE ROBERT PATTERSON O____O omg XD Katty took a photo of him from the distant XD Then after Van Gogh we went to most expensive street in Amsterdam.Hannie bought Alexander MCQueen purs!It is amazing!With British flag and skull :D It was 850 euros *_* We set in some cute cafe on the street,saw a lot of nicely dressed guy and girls...We took cab on the way back to our car XD We were really tired and that street was in the other part of the town(well not really that far but..)
Today we are staying home.We were supposed to go to Antverpen but one car broke so we couldn't...:P So we've put some masks on our faces,watched movie,we are now putting some makeup (actually Hannie is,Katty and I are done XD) and then we are gonna go out to eat some Chinese food and take pictures ^___^
So,here are some pics from last few days <3
This was in Uthart (26.06.):

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