Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Because last nights storm,today's weather is bad.So we are staying home :P We are watching some cartoons on TV XD And then we'r gonna watch that movie from last night.We couldn't do it last night i was loading really slow -.- Holland is really nice country.A lot of lovely houses.But it's a little strange that all the trees are in one line and you can see that everything is hand made,not natural...Oh,yeah!We tried Cherry Cola!It's really yummy!It's a shame that we can't buy it in Serbia...
There was Motorbike gathering in Serbia few days ago.Our dad told us that he saw UFO there!I wish i saw it!I dreamed UFOs last night...XD Haha,i wonder if those really are UFOs or just some human made things..:P
Gaaahhh i can't put pictures!!!Something's not good -,- damn.I'll put them later ^^

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