Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ahhh damn it XD

So,we r a little lazy XD Ok,we actually don't have much time here XD We are out all day long,and when we get back we are really tired :P So here is a little post.
Two day ago we went to Utrecht.That's a nice little old town in Holland.It has great architecture and canals.We sat in some Indian restaurant near the water and drank coffee and juice.It was quite nice.Ok,i have to mention that right now we are eating ice cream and fighting over it XDDD It's the best ice cream ever!it's called Ben and Jerry's :D We are laughing so hard XDDDDD Anyways,it was nice yesterday.Although we were fighting a little coz we were all nervous.
Today we went to Amsterdam again.Bought some clothes(again XD).Went to restaurant to eat.It was yummy!We wanted to go to Rembrant's museum,but it didn't work.T_T We got wrong information from the site.So we went to some square and set a little.We found some great shop with lolita clothes,but it was too expensive -.- Also we saw some really cute fairy dolls ^___^ I wanted one sooo much!When we got back,we made lunch(dinner) and then storm started XD It was interesting to watch.But we were kind of scared if there will be flood :O There wasn't :D So,now we are gonna watch some movie(Another cinderella story,with Selena Gomez XDD) And we will try to post few pics if we can :] Bye bye! <3
P.S. Katty was in a pretty bad mood,so she looks kinda pissed on some pics XDD

This is Spinoza:

This is where we ate:

And i want these: !!!

P.S. Mama,tata,zhao mi je shto je swe na engleskom,ali owo je za shiru publiku XDD i owakO tjete swe chuti od nas,lichno :D <3

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