Wednesday, June 15, 2011

D'espairsRay Disbanding?!

D'espairsRay: Disbands

With their Yokohama performance last year on December 30th at Yokohama BLITZ D'espairsRay had been going on a break to support the healing of vocalist HIZUMI's throat condition.As of today, June 15th 2011, D'espairsRay have announced their immediate disbanding which has become the final result of talks between staff and members and been announced on the official homepage.

The members have each left a statement on the homepage, HIZUMI's looking as follows:
"For the treatment of my through we have gone on an infinite hiatus and while having undergone acupuncture, chiropractic and Qigong, even now the restoration of it is not yet in sight. As a result of the talks with all four members and since we can't revive activities like this, it is like a natural extinction. We came to the conclusion that we should break this up with dignity.

Please, everyone, who had hoped for our return, forgive us this betrayal it has become.
Unfortunately we also can't be doing a final live, but I hope we can return something to you in a different shape.With the beginning of this band, a number of meetings have come about and through joyful, sad and tough times, there hadn't been a single superfluous experience.

Thank you to everyone who loved D'espairsRay for these 11 years."

Source: MusicJapaPlus
Thanks: Toffel

OMG!!! :((((((((((( We just can't believe that this day has come ! :( This is so sad :(( We were hoping for more concerts and next album... We know that his health is the most important thing,but they won't return? Our ears are crying for more of his voice and their instruments :( They have the most perfect music,o unique.. But,yet,they are disbanding. So sad. Why do all perfect things fall apart? :(

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