Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview with OROCHI :D

We are finally posting interview with OROCHI that we made on 19th April when they made concert here,in Serbia. :]]]

Ankoku: Are there any funny stories about what happened backstage at concerts you’d like to share?
OROCHI(Ushiwaka): We eat pizza every day.I mean every night... xD

Ankoku: Isn't that a bit unhealthy??
OROCHI(Ushiwaka): Well,yeah... XD
Ankoku: In which country was the best concert you had on this tour?
OROCHI(Ushiwaka): Here.

Ankoku: no way! XD
OROCHI(Ushiwaka): yeah.. ^^ *talks with Genji*
Genji: Here!
Ushiwaka: Definitely !

Ankoku: Why?
Ushiwaka: Because we had a chance to walk trough the city and went to that castle..And you were great!

Ankoku: What do you think about this place?
Ushiwaka: It's nice.People are really nice.

Ankoku:What are you plans for after the european tour?
OROCHI (Ushiwaka): Practice~

Ankoku: Do you play any other instruments from what you play in band?
OROCHI(Ushiwaka): Yes I play~*he said 3 of them ,traditional Japanese something,don't know the exact names*

Ankoku:Can you tell us what brought the band together initially and what your first impressions of the other members were at the time you met?
Ushiwaka: TELEPATHY!

Ankoku:And what did you think of them?
Ushiwaka: That they were Orochi!

Ankoku:Do you have some message for people who came to your concerts?
Ushiwaka: WOW!~ "Huara" (Hvala XD "hvala" means "thank you" in Serbian)

Aren't they cute??? ^_________^ Yukimura was sitting straight and smiling at us while Genji stood near Ushiwaka and Mitsuhide was checking out our hairstyles and chlothes behind our back XD

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