Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last night we were on Diorama in Dom Omladine in Belgrade :DD It was amazing!!!!They are great live!They were in Serbia few times already but this was our first time.The singer looked a little crazy when he came to stage XDD But he is cool ^_^ And has great voice live *___* We're really glad that they played Synthesize me,Advance,Liquid arms and Erase me!Everyone danced...Btw Katty got ticket the day before concert and i got in with one girl(i found out that i'm actually going few hours before the concert while i was at friends house XD).I an really thankful to her for taking me in!!!Thank u Natalija!!!! When concert was finished we continued screaming and clapping hand for them to come out again.And they did :D I think they came out 3 more times! XD Here are pics and videos :D

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