Sunday, May 22, 2011

The end of his ass xDD

I guess we are all dead now,considering the fact that the end of the world was yesterday XDDD AHhahaa that person who announced that failed on so many levels! My friends panicked and i couldn't believe that they actually believed in it! I laughed my ass off. Hello! The end of the world was predicted for 1994,1999,2004,2006,2011,2012.. Just make up your mind already! And ,honestly,i think it won't be soon. We have about 100 years time to destroy this poor planet so much that it would fall apart. haha ,people,chill and enjoy your life,while you still have it! :) Yeah. Oh,i would like o be face 2 face with that person who predicted it,just to laugh the loudest i can! i would REALLY love to! I can't even imagine how they insulted him and made jokes ! :D Ahahhah

and,for the end of the world,one big LOL!

Love you,

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